The company: Our client is a leading insurance premium finance company in the UK and Ireland with 2.5 million customers and over 30 million Direct Debits annually. Having been a key player in the market for more than thirty years, their network includes 2,700 intermediaries across chosen verticals.

The company was looking for an effective and comprehensive solution to digitise their entire customer onboarding and lifecycle management process. This transition was part of a comprehensive strategy across the organisation to replace long-established manual processes and disconnected systems with a digital-first, centralised approach appropriate for all stakeholders (clients, brokers/intermediaries, compliance staff, board members, and regulators) in both countries and covering each step in the verification process. These steps would include document collection and verification of customers’ identity, validation of proof of address, qualified eSignatures in line with eIDAs highest standards for legally binding contracts, all delivered through the device of choice for the client.

Through a series of workshops we worked with the client to gain a clear understanding of the steps involved in their current manual process and any potential challenges to change across the organisation. Particular attention was given to the journeys of the multiple stakeholders involved in the sign-up of new clients (e.g. the organisation, external brokers, end users), to ensure that the existing phased review process would be built into the new technology through configurable workflows. As an established company, the client was also looking to safeguard its brand identity while delivering a smooth and fully digital customer experience. Post the discovery phase, a project plan taking into consideration the client’s specific requirements was agreed, including API integration with existing systems and the development of a fully branded mobile app for an intuitive sign up process with a strongly authenticated electronic signature; and the firm commitment to delivery dates was fixed.

Result: Following the implementation of our customer onboarding solution and fully branded mobile app, the client was able to reduce the on-boarding time of new customers from 2-6 weeks to 1 day. The new mobile app allowed them to deliver a frictionless customer experience, branded to company guidelines, while centralising all data and information within one platform. This centralised Customer Lifecycle Management hub made the client’s overall due diligence process more robust, better preparing them for regulators’ audits.

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