The VC & PE Conferences 0100 Dublin

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On Friday, May 17th, we will be at the Venture Capital and Private Equity 0100 Conferences event in Dublin. The conference, now in its third edition, is expected to attract more than 300 attendees thanks to its 50+ high profile speakers.

Taking place at the Hotel Hilton Charlemont Place and organised in partnership with the Irish Venture Capital Association, this event represents an unmissable gathering for Irish and UK VC and PE investors.

Know Your Customer’s CEO & co-founder Claus Christensen will be on stage to participate in the “CEOs & VCs” Talk at 11.30 am. The panel, moderated by Conor O’Connor (Managing Partner at Enterprise Equity), will also feature Peter Ondruska (CEO & Co-founder of Blue Vision Labs),  Florian Eckhardt (Senior Investment Director at HADEANVENTURES), and  Mike Brennan (Principal at Finch Capital).

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