Know Your Customer and Axiom to collaborate on an expanded offering for high profile FinTech organisations in key European, Asian and US markets.

Global smart technology client verification solution provider, Know Your Customer and leading international facilitator for the issuance of prepaid cards, Axiom Prepaid Holdings (APH), are pleased to announce their collaboration which will provide an expanded offering for high-profile FinTech organisations in key European, Asian and US markets.

Axiom Prepaid Holdings (APH) is an independently-owned prepaid card issuing firm which works with many high-profile FinTech organisations through innovative and cost-effective white label solutions.

Know Your Customer provides digital solutions to global clients across a variety of regulated sectors to quickly and accurately identify and verify companies and individuals during client on-boarding, ensuring companies can confidently conduct their KYC and anti-money laundering (AML) functions.

The collaboration will combine the two organisations’ unique expertise into one integrated, end-to-end solution for the issuing and management of white labelled prepaid cards. By choosing KYC and APH’s integrated approach, FinTech organisations will be better equipped to meet the current technological and regulatory challenges of the financial sector by harnessing the two companies’ extensive expertise in their respective fields.

Expanding presence in key markets

The announcement of the collaboration comes a few weeks after Axiom established their European company’s headquarters in the UK. Due to its prominence as a FinTech hub, the UK will be one of the most strategic markets for KYC and APH’s collaboration.

Other relevant geographies will include Spain and Italy in Europe; Hong Kong and Singapore in Asia (where both KYC and APH have offices and a fast-growing presence); and the United States, where APH is headquartered.

Know Your Customer CEO Claus Christensen said of the new collaboration;

“We are extremely excited to be working closely with Axiom Prepaid Holdings in a variety of strategic high-growth markets. Axiom has become a recognised name for FinTech organisations looking for a fast, reliable and scalable prepaid card solution, and we are looking forward to adding our own expertise and technology to enable faster anti-money laundering checks and a more seamless customer onboarding for all end customers”.

Steven Foster, President of Axiom Prepaid Holdings, LLC, said;

We are delighted to be announcing this new collaboration with Know Your Customer across multiple jurisdictions. Through KYC’s automation technology, financial organisations can exponentially improve the efficiency of their customer onboarding process without having to compromise on compliance, which is exactly what FinTech organisations need at the moment”.

Regarding the key value proposition of the upcoming collaboration, Christensen commented;

“We have reason to believe that clients will benefit tremendously by the more integrated approach of services introduced by our collaboration with Axiom. By harmonising AML/KYC checks during the customer onboarding phase with Axiom’s existing services, FinTech organisations can reduce operational costs and provide a more seamless customer experience for their end users.”

 Foster added; 

“Providing cutting-edge services to our clients will always be our top priority. Through this new collaboration with Know Your Customer, we will be in a position to offer an even more comprehensive solution to our clients, helping them centralise their prepaid cards operations and sensibly speed up their market entry time”.

About Axiom Prepaid Holdings

Axiom Prepaid Holdings (APH) is a global independently owned prepaid card issuing firm that works with many of today’s high-profile FinTech organizations through innovative and cost-effective white label solutions. Established by Steven Foster & Steve Urry; experts in processing and managing credit card payments, debit card payments, global pre-paid card issuing programs, and other various banking solutions, APH enables FinTech companies to discover breakthrough innovations through a strategic and advanced technology that allows them to achieve a fully customized prepaid solution.
APH has offices in the United States, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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