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In our latest episode of RegTalks, Know Your Customer’s Claus Christensen and Standard Chartered’s Ankush Samant sit down for an insightful discussion about the rise of design thinking in financial services, the importance of customer-focused leadership and how incumbent banks and up-and-coming tech companies can collaborate successfully to move the entire industry forward.

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Episode Notes

Tune in to our inspiring interview with Standard Chartered’s Ankush Samant to learn:

  • What sets real customer-centric teams apart from the rest
  • How banks can empower front line staff to get unique insights and continuously improve products
  • Why incumbent banks are a lot like spaceships, while tech start-ups are much more similar to jet-skis
  • What role empathy plays in building successful partnerships between RegTech vendors and clients

Ankush Samant is the Head Design Thinker with the Global CX team at Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong. Previously Innovation Coach at SC Ventures, Ankush has spent his career to date building customer experiences across industries such as retail, manufacturing, airlines, travel, insurance and technology across the US, UK, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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