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Tune in for an inspiring conversation between Know Your Customer’s Claus Christensen and Malcolm Wright, Chief Compliance Officer at 100x Group, exploring the strategic role of technology in relation to compliance and retracing the steps of the Financial Action Task Force’s highly collaborative regulatory strategy for virtual assets.

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Episode Notes

In this episode of RegTalks, Know Your Customer’s Claus Christensen and 100x Group’s Malcolm Wright discuss:

  • The most important skills for compliance professionals in our digitised world
  • How compliance experts can leverage technology to build a strategic competitive advantage for their business
  • The history of the FATF’s highly collaborative approach to drafting and clarifying recommendations around virtual assets and cryptos
  • The future of virtual assets as an integral part of the institutional financial system

Malcolm Wright is the Chief Compliance Officer at 100x Group and the Chair of the Advisory Council and AML Working Group at Global Digital Finance, an industry-led initiative defining codes of conduct and best practice for the virtual asset industry. The founder of FCC Advisory, Malcolm previously held Chief Compliance Officer roles at Diginex and Revolut and was Global Head of AML and Fraud Transaction Monitoring at Thomson Reuters.

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