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After a very successful 2019 edition, Know Your Customer was back at the International Compliance Association (ICA) Conference.

On Thursday, 15 October 2020, our CEO & co-founder Claus Christensen spoke at the fully virtual BIG Compliance Festival 2020.

The session – which was broadcasted live at 11:45 am BTS/6.45 pm SST – focused on the topic of standardised KYC Utilities in the space of Corporate KYC.

The presentation explored the key challenges that have historically prevented a widespread standardisation of individual and corporate KYC requirements and analysed how transferable and immutable “KYC Identities” for businesses might work. It also examined how the current shift towards digitisation in financial services caused by the COVID-19 pandemic might accelerate innovation in this area.


Click the image to view a recording of the session.

Delegates from over 60 countries attended the ICA’s BIG Compliance Festival in 2020. Know Your Customer’s session was included in Part Two of the festival, an eight week-series of engaging presentations and content, with thought leaders and experienced practitioners sharing their views on topics such as leadership, cyber risk, fraud, and financial crime.