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The Gold Standard in Business KYC Verification

What is the KYC Sphere?

The Know Your Customer Sphere is an award-winning SaaS ecosystem and APls designed to revolutionise the compliance, corporate onboarding and periodic review process, meeting the diverse needs of financial institutions and regulated businesses worldwide. 

With our user-friendly interface and advanced automation capabilities, we streamline and simplify the implementation of Know Your Business (KYB) procedures, ensuring a seamless experience for both compliance teams and their SME and corporate customers. 

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Our Clients Say

After I posted a public KYC challenge on LinkedIn, the response from Know Your Customer was brilliant. They demonstrated an unmatched quality and coverage of official registry data and documents through their platform. We then started a pilot and now all our offices work with them. It works fantastically well. We’re already seeing good results and the reduction of onboarding times by 25%.

Ivan ZhiznevskyCEO of 3S Money

From the start, the Know Your Customer team demonstrated how their solution was able to provide both the real-time registry connections required by the compliance team, as well as the API capabilities sought by our engineering team to facilitate fast integration with our internal systems.

Keira KwekGlobal Compliance Lead at Coda Payments

By leveraging Know Your Customer’s automation capabilities and unparalleled live registry access for our compliance operations, we can provide a market-leading and fully streamlined onboarding experience to e-commerce businesses worldwide.

Brian TsangCo-founder and COO of Choco Up

Experience the Impact: Unlock the Capabilities of the KYC Sphere

  • Widest coverage of real-time registry connections globally (140+ countries)
  • AI-Powered automatic reading of official company documents
  • Real-time Shareholder & UBO identification across borders
  • Fully Configurable Risk Feature and Workflow Capabilities
  • Cloud-native solution with full scalability and flexibility

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Ivan Chow: Head of Strategy & Partnerships of PAOB

Faster Onboarding


Decrease in AML and KYC Costs


Reduction in client onboarding touchpoints


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