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Today’s corporate customers require seamless onboarding

Customers’ expectations in banking have changed. Businesses and SMEs now require the same standard as retail customers: a fully digital, seamless and fast onboarding experience.

Know Your Customer empowers banks to bring to life their vision for seamless corporate onboarding. Our Modular Compliance solution provides the building blocks needed to centralise, digitise and automate all due diligence operations.

Corporate onboarding made easy

Redefine the end customer onboarding journey

Digitising corporate onboarding represents a unique opportunity for banks to rethink the customer experience from its very first touchpoint, building a great foundation for the business relationship. With Know Your Customer, teams can design smart workflows that leverage automation and put the customer experience at the very centre.

Access company registries in real-time globally

Know Your Customer provides the most powerful and comprehensive real-time registry connector in the market. Compliance teams can access official company registries in 125+ countries around the world via one intuitive interface or a single API. Just send your request and let the system do the rest, minimising customer friction and accelerating KYB investigations by 85% or more.

Streamline compliance processes for maximum efficiency

Know Your Customer transforms AML and KYB compliance into a fully digital function that leverages automation, AI and Natural Language Processing. Teams can say goodbye to tedious and repetitive tasks once and for all. Client information is centralised and can be retrieved with the click of a button. Reports are compiled automatically, making banks audit-ready at all times.

Ensure on-going AML, KYC and KYB compliance

Banks can investigate corporate structures and identify shareholders faster across jurisdictions with our AI-based UBO engine. On-gong AML screening and ID Verification are fully integrated within the system, providing a 360 degree view of existing and prospective customers at all times. Information on file is refreshed automatically based on the assigned risk profile of each customer.

Hamburg Commercial Bank Case Study

Hamburg Commercial Bank

Hamburg Commercial Bank (HCOB) is the first privatised Landesbank in Germany.

A market-leading organisation in commercial project finance for the real estate, renewable energy and infrastructure sectors, HCOB was looking to embark on a digital transformation journey for the onboarding process of their corporate clients.

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