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Welcome to the future of KYC compliance

Know Your Customer’s award-winning technology empowers compliance teams to protect their business against money laundering and terrorism financing through the power of automation.

Our best in class digital platform is setting a new standard in the space of Anti-Money Laundering, ID Verification and Corporate KYC. By centralising the onboarding process for all client types within one solution, Know Your Customer strengthens compliance, reduces costs and delivers exceptional onboarding experiences to both individuals and corporate clients.

End-to-end Onboarding

Until now, the crucial steps of Document Collection, Data Assessment, Continuous Monitoring, and Reporting – which represent the key pillars of client lifecycle management – have existed in separate silos, managed through burdensome internal processes and served by a range of disconnected technology solutions. Know Your Customer’s horizontal approach transforms regulatory compliance by centralising these four pillars within one automated solution.

Through a unique combination of Machine Learning, Optical Character Recognition and Automation, our system – which can be quickly integrated with existing infrastructures through robust APIs – revolutionises the essence of customer onboarding, making it better, faster and stronger.

KYC for All Client Types

Our technology has been developed to digitise the KYC and AML process for all client types: individuals, SMEs, and corporates.

Through our vast range of customer-facing tools, compliance teams can securely verify the identity of individuals in 180+ countries around the world. Comprehensive AML screening is automatically performed at the point of entry for all customers, as well as on a weekly basis, instantly flagging any changes in risk profiles.

For corporate clients, our technology connects directly to company registries around the world, extracts information from official mandatory documents and utilises these details to quickly unravel complex company structure charts and identify Ultimate Beneficial Owners.  All of this without taking control from compliance staff, accelerating the onboarding of new corporate clients from an industry average of 26 days to just one day.

Built-in Compliance Expertise

Know Your Customer provides best in class RegTech solutions built by compliance experts for compliance experts. Our goal is to make life easier for compliance teams by cutting time-consuming and repetitive tasks through the power of automation and a uniquely intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Any compliance officer – whatever their tech knowledge and experience – is able to navigate our system and, at a touch of a button, immediately identify, investigate and address potential compliance exposures for their business.

Since the very beginning of our journey, Know Your Customer’s team of compliance, IT and business experts have focused on developing a cutting-edge, market-leading solution that truly addresses clients’ needs, yet is flexible enough to adapt to new requirements and industry standards as they are introduced.

Global Coverage & Data Integrity

The traditional approach to AML focuses on compiling a database of all entities and their beneficial owners. This model allows for fast and cheap access, but it lacks documentary evidence for the stated data points. More importantly, its data is by principle often inaccurate and outdated, making this approach incompatible with full compliance with regulations.

Know Your Customer’s solution, on the other hand, is based on live access to documents from official company registries and real-time extraction of truly reliable data from those.

Our unique approach means that ownership and controlling persons information is always accurate as of that minute, and audit-ready documentary evidence is always at compliance teams’ fingertips.

Through our solutions, clients can securely onboard individuals from 180+ countries and directly access official company registries in jurisdictions around the world.

Outstanding Customer Experience

At Know Your Customer, we are truly passionate about delivering outstanding customer experiences to both our clients and our clients’ users. This is why we have built a range of extremely sophisticated yet easy-to-use digital solutions that are setting a new standard in the space of regulatory compliance and customer onboarding.

Our objective is to ensure that our technology stays one step ahead of key trends in customer experience, helping our clients deliver the digital journeys and interactions that their end users now expect from them.

We work hard to deliver exceptional customer support and anticipate our clients’ jurisdictional and regulatory needs of tomorrow. Our configurable, country-specific workflows make it easy to follow best practices in compliance with international and local regulations, while our team of customer support experts are always just one click away.

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Our best in class digital platform is setting a new standard in the space of Anti-Money Laundering, Corporate KYC and ID Verification. By centralising the onboarding process for all client types within one solution, Know Your Customer strengthens compliance, reduces costs and delivers outstanding customer experiences to both individuals and corporate clients.

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