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Latest news from the world of KYC

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Singapore Fintech Festival 2020

For the fourth year in a row, we will be back at Singapore Fintech Festival on December 7th-11th. Now at its fifth edition, the Festival is the largest FinTech conference…
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Is Hong Kong becoming the next RegTech capital of the world?

Once again, the topic of RegTech adoption was at the centre of Hong Kong FinTech Week. On the first day of the event's 2020 edition, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority,…
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PRACTICAL GUIDE: Client onboarding digitisation

End-to-end digitisation is a priority financial institutions can’t afford to postpone any longer. The world has embraced the new contactless paradigm. Customers expect seamless digital interactions with their providers, irrespective…
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The International Compliance Association (ICA) Webinar On-Demand

What are the main problems KYC Utility initiatives are trying to solve? What are the key models currently implemented around the world? What challenges have historically limited their widespread adoption?

These are some of the questions explored by Know Your Customer’s CEO Claus Christensen in his talk during the yearly International Compliance Association (ICA) festival.

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End-to-end Onboarding

Know Your Customer’s horizontal approach transforms regulatory compliance by centralising all the key KYC functions of Document CollectionData Extraction & Assessment, Case Management, Continuous Monitoring, and Reporting within one automated solution.

Through a unique combination of Machine LearningOptical Character Recognition and Automation, our system – which can be quickly integrated with existing infrastructures through robust APIs – revolutionises the essence of customer onboarding, making it better, faster and stronger.

KYC for All Client Types

Our technology digitises the KYC and AML process for all client types: corporates, SMEs and individuals.

We streamline corporate onboarding by connecting directly to company registries, unravelling complex company structure charts and identify Ultimate Beneficial Owners. All of this without taking control from compliance staff.

Through our range of outreach tools, compliance teams can securely verify the identity of individuals in 180+ countries around the world. Comprehensive and on-going AML screening is performed on all customers, instantly flagging any changes in risk profile.

Built-in Compliance Expertise

Our RegTech solutions are built by compliance experts for compliance experts.

Our goal is to make life easier for compliance teams by cutting time-consuming and repetitive tasks through the power of automation and a uniquely intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Any compliance officer can, at the touch of a button, immediately identify, investigate and address potential compliance exposures for their business.

Our market-leading solution truly addresses clients’ needs, yet is flexible enough to adapt to new requirements and industry standards as they are introduced.

Global Coverage & Data Integrity

Know Your Customer’s solution is based on live access to mandatory documents from official company registries and real-time extraction of truly reliable data from those. Our unique approach means that ownership and controlling persons information is always accurate as of that minute, and audit-ready documentary evidence is always at compliance teams’ fingertips.

Our solution does not rely on static databases of entities and their beneficial owners, but on dynamic connections to official government sources.

Selected Clients

Working with Know Your Customer is an important step in our overall strategy of innovative technology adoption to reduce risks related to money laundering and terrorism financing”.

Our vision is to build a modern and impeccable client on-boarding experience. We chose Know Your Customer because they share the same vision for professional services and respect for clients as us“.

By partnering with Know Your Customer we can achieve twin objectives of  regulatory compliance and business growth“.

“Partnering with Know Your Customer has provided us with an extremely effective and efficient technology solution to support Neat’s growth in Asia and internationally”.

Case Studies

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Our best in class digital platform is setting a new standard in the space of Anti-Money Laundering, Corporate KYC and ID Verification. By centralising the onboarding process for all client types within one solution, Know Your Customer strengthens compliance, reduces costs and delivers outstanding customer experiences to both individuals and corporate clients.

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