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KYC Workspace

Compliance Platform

Transform your compliance department into a digital-first function, able to scale at the pace of your business and expand globally.

Team members get access to one digital workspace to collaborate remotely, review automatically sourced KYC and AML information and perform all due diligence activities from one centralised location. All steps are tracked in an immutable audit trail for maximum transparency and accountability.

Risk Indication, KYC risk Engine

Reach-out Tools

Provide a seamless and consistent customer onboarding and KYC experience that aligns perfectly with your brand’s identity.

Our white-label and fully responsive web portals allow you to securely collect the necessary documents from clients, regardless of their location. Customize the text, branding, and colour scheme of all communications to personalize the interaction and maintain brand coherence.

KYC customisable workflows easily configured
KYC customisable responsive forms

See what Know Your Customer can do for your business.