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KYC Data

Real-time Registry Access

Discover the most powerful and comprehensive real-time registry connector in the market.

Access official company registries in 140 countries around the world via one intuitive interface or a single API. Power cross-border business growth by accessing official registries at the click of a button and without the need for additional local resources. Send your request and let the system do the rest, minimising customer friction and accelerating KYB investigations by 85% or more.

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UBO being unravelled across multiple jurisdictions

Registry Services

Stop wasting time and resources trying to access complex and confusing local registries. Our team of in-house registry experts is always available to support you and source the exact company documents you need to onboard customers safely, providing an extra level of assurance in your line of defence against financial crime.

Need special company documents from one of our 140 registries on an ad hoc basis? Our global Registry Services team will be able to assist you every step of the way.

Integrated eKYC

Implement simplified due diligence standards and integrate eKYC procedures within your Corporate Onboarding and KYC processes in line with your risk-based approach.

Through our partnerships with leading eKYC providers, you can verify customers’ personal information and true identity against official data sources globally, in full compliance with local requirements.

See what Know Your Customer can do for your business.