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KYC Review

Automated Case Reviews

Achieve perpetual compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations across multiple jurisdictions. Let our system refresh all KYC and KYB information automatically based on the assigned risk profile of each customer.

Corporate customers’ information is updated automatically by connecting to company registries, downloading the most up-to-date documentation and extracting UBO information. New directors, shareholders and other material changes are flagged to your team for review. If no changes are identified, the case is closed automatically and performed checks are listed in the relevant audit trail for full accountability.

AML screening email alerts
Upload historic cases with KYC back book service

POI Expiry Alerts

Having expired Proof of Identity documents on file puts you at risk of anti-money laundering breaches. By relying on our automated triggers and reminders, you can protect your business without having to allocate additional resources to this time-consuming and repetitive task.

When a new customer or beneficial owner is onboarded, the date of expiry of their ID document is recorded within the system. As the date of expiry approaches, our system automatically triggers a request to the customer, asking to provide a new ID document via the branded outreach portal. You can set a specific schedule of reminders and follow-ups for maximum efficiency.

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