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Wow your clients with the ultimate onboarding experience

Manual onboarding processes in corporate services are a cause of frustration for all stakeholders involved. While compliance teams waste too much time on tedious tasks and disparate systems, end clients have to cope with multiple requests and long wait times.

At Know Your Customer, we partner with corporate services providers globally to streamline time-consuming operations, deliver a smooth and 100% digital onboarding experience and minimise the risk of money laundering and terrorism financing.

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Digitise and expedite client onboarding & AML checks

Know Your Customer’s cloud-based and configurable platform enables corporate services providers to digitise and centralise all client onboarding and AML functions. End clients can securely and easily provide the required business information through fully responsive and white labelled web portals, completing all onboarding steps in a fraction of the time.

Reduce manual steps and repetitive tasks

Through strategic integrations with AML watchlists as well as front-end and back-end systems, compliance teams are empowered to maximise the efficiency of their operations. Risk profiles are calculated and assigned to customers automatically and dynamically on the basis of the information provided, freeing time for compliance teams to review each case in detail.

Bring down internal silos to improve efficiency

Collected due diligence data – fully encrypted - flows seamlessly across multiple systems within the business. Information on new clients is automatically distributed across departments to accelerate acceptance and activation. The result is a reduction in human error, as information is validated, deduplicated and distributed through smart automation.

Leverage configurable workflows and integrations

Compliance teams can set business rules to automatically assign cases across the team and accept steps when certain criteria are met. Specific parameters can also be implemented to activate 2-eye vs 4-eye reviews depending on the risk profile of each customer, triggering different internal workflows for client approval as well as periodic recertification dates to ensure on-going compliance.


Tricor’s client portfolio includes ~2,000 listed companies in Hong Kong SAR, mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia, and more than 40% of the Fortune Global 500 companies. With such a vast and varied client base, the company was in search of a user-friendly KYC and AML solution flexible enough to bring their complex risk policy to life through a multitude of configurable workflows.

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