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One centralised platform for

KYC Case Management

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Maximum transparency,
security and efficiency
for your KYC process

Know Your Customer empowers organisations to translate their compliance policies into optimised multi-phase processes, with defined decision points, specific handover rules and various user roles across departments.

Compliance teams get access to one centralised and secure digital workspace to collaborate remotely and perform all of their KYC and AML activities.

KYC & KYB Cases
  • Automated KYC & KYB reports
  • Full document download from registries
  • Secure file storage
  • Integrated ID verification checks
  • Proof of address capture
  • Verification via geolocation
  • On-going AML screening
Automated workflows
  • Risk-based rules
  • Multiple digital journeys
  • Customisable client communications
  • Periodic KYC remediation
  • Business intelligence reports
User Permissions
  • User assignment rules
  • Final client acceptance permissions
  • Customisable in-app & email notifications
  • Immutable audit trail

Let's build your new digital compliance workspace together

Know Your Customer is a one-stop solution for all KYC and AML compliance activities. We work with our clients to fully understand their existing processes and translate them into AI-powered workflows that will keep their onboarding operations compliant at all times.

Designed to support compliance teams every step of the way

Our highly intuitive user interface transposes the traditional onboarding checklist of any compliance officer into a 100% digital and smart process.

The system can be configured through business rules to assign cases to different team members or automatically accept specific steps when certain criteria are met, maximising efficiency and accuracy.

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