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Client Onboarding

Reduce onboarding times from an industry average of 26 days to a few hours.

Connect to local company registries, download official documents automatically, identify shareholders and beneficial owners and perform required ID verification checks on all your clients, wherever they are in the world.

By partnering with Know Your Customer, we can provide the kind of seamless and customer-centric onboarding experience that our customers deserve.


Our new centralised platform provides a streamlined KYC experience to our corporate clients while simplifying backend processes for internal stakeholders and compliance team members.

Hamburg Commercial Bank

KYC Case Management

Make your business audit-ready at all times.

Streamline and centralise all key client due diligence activities with our highly configurable digital workspace. Compliance teams can collaborate remotely, perform all onboarding checks and generate automated KYC reports for on-going anti-money laundering compliance.

Monitoring & Remediation

Protect your business from AML/CFT exposures.

Run continuous AML screening of all individual and corporate customers within the system, get notified of any new PEP and sanctions matches in real-time, perform periodic remediations and automatically request up-to-date documentation for perpetual KYC compliance.

We received positive feedback from the regulator following an AML/CFT audit and we know that Know Your Customer’s digital solution was central to that achievement.


Know Your Customer demonstrated how their system could be integrated with ours through a simple API to ensure a seamless experience for the customer.

Assure Hedge

Data Integrations

Build seamless front-end and back-end onboarding workflows

Easily integrate Know Your Customer with your company’s legacy systems, front-end websites and external data sources to unlock powerful insights and build superior client experiences.

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