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Know Your Customer’s Mission

Know Your Customer’s award-winning technology is setting a new standard in the space of Anti-Money Laundering, KYB/KYC Compliance and ID Verification. Our range of end-to-end solutions empowers compliance teams to better protect their business and efficiently perform all necessary KYC and AML checks on both individual and corporate customers, centralising the onboarding process through a uniquely intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

With offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and Dublin, we serve clients in every continent and across multiple sectors, including banking, FinTech, insurance, payments, real estate, professional services, asset management, and legal. Through our solutions, clients can securely onboard individuals from 180+ countries and access company registries in 30+ jurisdictions around the world.

End-to-end solution for customer onboarding

Real time connection to official company registries

International jurisdictional coverage

Military grade ID Verification

Exceptional user experience

Our Signature Horizontal Approach to Digital Onboarding

Know Your Customer’s end-to-end technology revolutionises the traditional approach to client onboarding and on-going due diligence.

Our horizontal platform streamlines the onboarding process for all client types – corporates, SMEs, or individuals – and centralises the 4 pillars of  KYC/AML compliance. These include:

Document Collection

Relying on official documents is the best way for financial institutions to protect themselves during customer onboarding. By acquiring those documents directly from their official source, organisations can reduce the time needed for corporate client onboarding by up to 86%, minimising customer friction and accelerating access to revenue. This is why, as a default, our solution will automatically retrieve the official incorporation documents that regulations demand, eliminating the need for certified copies.

We provide a range of secure tools to enable end customers to provide the information organisations need from them, including iOS & Android Mobile Apps and a Secure Web Browser Portal. Other ways for organisations to import case information and documents directly into the KYC system are the Batch Upload Portal and our Rest APIs.

Through our sophisticated rules engine, compliance teams can design specific journeys for each type of customer, only requesting the documents that are truly needed. Clients can also choose to activate geo-locationing via mobile app as an alternative to traditional proofs of address.

Data Assessment

Individual customers’ IDs, securely uploaded via mobile app or web portal, are screened and verified through military grade technology, extracting their details through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to populate their corresponding case within the Know Your Customer platform. Each new potential customer is then automatically screened against anti-money laundering watch lists and any possible match is instantly flagged to the compliance team for review.

To accelerate corporate client onboarding, we have coded our solution to extract all the relevant information from the documents retrieved from the official company registries, again applying OCR and AI to a vast range of documents from a variety of jurisdictions around the world. By identifying the company’s Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) and automatically screening them against anti-money laundering watch lists, our solution digitises the steps any onboarding officer would need to go through, making the process more seamless and cost-effective.

On-going Monitoring

The new regulatory environment requires organisations to know their customers’ position at all times. While other solution providers on the market will only screen new customers at the point of entry, our solution runs weekly AML screening of all new and existing customers by default.

As we identify any entity or individual as part of a new KYC case, we automatically screen them for any AML activity, continuously monitoring their status and flagging any changes in their situation. Our technology is agnostic in terms of AML list provider and will integrate with all major solutions on the market.

Reporting & Analysis

With Know Your Customer, compliance teams can easily and quickly create a variety of customised reports, including regulatory, internal, and external reports, on-demand and in real time. Through an extremely intuitive user interface, our system aggregates and showcases key statistics about compliance teams’ on-going activities, including the number of cases that are created, the amount of time spent on every new customer by team members, where most compliance red flags tend to originate from, among other things.

This unique tracking system enables financial institutions to gain a better understanding of the inefficiencies in their internal process, which represents the first, essential step to address existing gaps and improve cost-per-acquisition and procedure efficiency over time.


Businesses (KYB)

Know Your Customer optimises the KYB (Know Your Business) process without taking control from compliance staff, accelerating the onboarding of new business clients from an industry average of 26 days to just ONE day. Our technology utilises a combination of machine learning, optical character recognition, API integrations and automation to quickly unravel complex company structure charts and identify Ultimate Beneficial Owners across multiple jurisdictions.

Real-Time Connection
to Company Registries
Instant UBOs &
Company Structure Charts
AML Screening
Linkage &
Duplicate Detection
API Integration &
Batch Upload Portal
Audit Trail

Individuals (KYC)

Know Your Customer delivers the onboarding experience customers deserve while ensuring on-going KYC and AML compliance. Through our vast range of customer-facing tools, compliance teams can securely collect and verify ID documents from 180+ countries around the world. AML screening is automatically performed at the point of entry as well as on a weekly basis, instantly flagging any changes in risk profiles.

Military Grade
ID Verification
Geo-Locationing &
Proof of Address
Facial Recognition &
Facial Comparison
AML Screening
Mobile App, Web Portal
& APIs
Video Verification
& e-Signatures

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Our best in class digital platform is setting a new standard in the space of Anti-Money LaunderingCorporate KYC and ID Verification. By centralising the onboarding process for all client types within one solution, Know Your Customer strengthens compliance, reduces costs and delivers outstanding customer experiences to both individuals and corporate clients.

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