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ONE Group partners with Know Your Customer following launch of new brand identity

London, 18 January 2023ONE, the UK-based innovative provider of financial services across digital and fiat currencies, has today announced it is joining forces with award-winning RegTech provider Know Your Customer to deliver a more seamless onboarding experience to its vast pool of global clients.  

In a world in which financial services are fragmented across regions and providers, ONE has developed a unique all-encompassing solution enabling traditionally underserved and higher-risk businesses to thrive. Thanks to its deep sector expertise, ONE is able to effectively serve clients in a range of emerging industries through the provision of innovative products and services including corporate accounts for payments, FX, and crypto trading solutions worldwide.  

The company, which was established in 2017, recently unveiled a new brand identity which encapsulates the seamless integration of its trading and payments solutions today, whilst providing the perfect launchpad for the myriad products and services in development for tomorrow. 

As part of its effort to build a truly customer-centric and global brand, ONE has selected Know Your Customer’s Modular Compliance solutions to streamline onboarding operations for its business customers around the world. By relying on Know Your Customer’s unmatched coverage of real-time registry connections and vast automation capabilities to map corporate structures across borders, ONE brings to life its vision for a streamlined onboarding process with a human touch. 

“Integrating with Know Your Customer has allowed us to provide a seamless, tailored onboarding journey for our corporate customers and consolidate our case management systems. Further, by working with Know Your Customer, we have developed a world class onboarding tool which is commended by our financial crime auditors. At a glance of a screen, we can visualise a customer’s entire corporate structure, risk profile and AML screening results, while also having immediate access to the corresponding records. This allows us to streamline our compliance processes, and automate key management information, demonstrating the real benefits Regtech solutions like Know Your Customer can bring to a business.”

Kathryn WillisManaging Director and Group Head of Compliance at ONE Group

“At Know Your Customer, we have seen time and time again that true customer-centricity starts with onboarding. In fact, as the initial phase of all business relationships, onboarding represents a crucial step for any Fintech or financial services provider. We are delighted to be working with ONE to help incorporate the human touch into this often-overlooked process.”

Claus ChristensenCEO & Co-Founder at Know Your Customer Limited

Formerly known as AIMS, ONE was founded in 2017 as a UK-based OTC digital asset trading desk, serving high-net worth individuals, corporates, and institutional clients globally. Recognising that its clients – who were generally in higher-risk sectors – were facing tremendous difficulty in the movement of fiat funds connected with crypto, ONE undertook to resolve this industry pain point by shifting its focus towards banking and the provision of payment services. ONE subsequently acquired its PI licence from the FCA in 2020, and launched its proprietary payments platform in 2021.

Today ONE provides a unified end-to-end financial services solution for corporate clients, principally within the gambling and sports betting, cryptoasset, and offshore sectors. With offices in the UK, Jersey, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, and with additional locations to follow, ONE is able to effectively serve clients globally through its multitude of banking partners and a robust network of licences. Through a single onboarding with ONE, clients get access to a full suite of products and services, including real named IBANs in multiple fiat currencies, access to payment rails including SWIFT, SEPA Instant, SEPA, Faster Payments and CHAPS, FX in up to 19 currencies, and the ability to trade crypto 24/7 via the ONE OTC desk.

To find out more, please visit or follow ONE on LinkedIn.

Know Your Customer is an award-winning RegTech company specialised in next-generation digital onboarding and KYB automation solutions for corporate clients.

With offices in London, Dublin, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai, Know Your Customer has established a global reputation for excellence with clients across 11 verticals – including FinTech, banking, insurance, payments, real estate, asset management, legal firms – and 18 jurisdictions.

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Last updated on April 16th, 2023 at 11:37 pm

Maggie Maspero

Margherita Maspero is a marketing expert with ten years of experience in marketing strategy and brand development at international RegTech companies across Europe and Asia. Prior to joining Know Your Customer, Margherita held various positions building brands and driving commercial growth through effective marketing strategies at fast-growing B2B start-ups and scale-ups in London, Dublin and Milan. A graduate of the University of Milan, Margherita holds a Master’s from University College London (UCL).