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Know Your Customer

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Next Generation KYC

Know Your Customer empowers regulated organisations to consistently deliver the digital onboarding experience that their individual customers expect and deserve, wherever they are in the world.

We redefine the end-user experience of the KYC & ID verification process, without ever compromising on AML compliance.

Using our digital solutions, individual customers can provide the relevant documentation needed to complete their KYC process at the time and place that best suit them and through their preferred channel.

Practical Guide to
Client Onboarding Digitisation

In a contactless world, having a fully digitised and remote KYC process in place is key to acquire new clients or provide new financial services to existing ones.

Dynamic Automation

Compliance officers gain a 360° view of their existing and prospective clients within one centralised, end-to-end and highly intuitive solution.

Military grade ID verification is available for 98% of the world’s passports, driving licenses and ID documents. AML screening is performed at the point of entry and on an on-going basis, flagging any anomalies or changes in individual customers’ situations.

All compliance steps are automatically tracked in an immutable log for audit purposes and compliance officers can easily and quickly create multiple customised reports.

Military Grade ID Verification

Our solution validates official government-issued IDs, passports and driving licenses from 180+ countries around the world, providing peace of mind about the authenticity of applicants’ identification documents, wherever they are in the world.

Geo-locationing & Proof of Address

Know Your Customer combines military grade ID verification with proof of address capturing, geo-locationing via GPS coordinates and image forensics for a 360° view of prospective customers.

Facial Recognition $ Facial Comparison

Through in-built facial recognition and matching facial comparison algorithms, Know Your Customer reduces the risk of impersonation by flagging suspicious cases in need of closer investigation.

On-going AML Screening

Know Your Customer runs weekly AML screening of all new and existing customers within the system by default, instantly flagging any potential PEP, Sanctions or Criminal matches for further review.

Mobile App, Web Portal & APIs

We offer multiple options to collect information from perspective clients, including customisable mobile apps and web portals. Powered by a robust RestAPI infrastructure, our technology can be easily integrated to seamlessly work in connection with existing systems.


With Know Your Customer’s in-built e-Signature functionalities, organisations can collect full applications from their prospective customers digitally and seamlessly, with no compromises on security and compliance.

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