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The challenge of fulfilling Know Your Customer checks using blockchain

By February 23, 2018April 23rd, 2023No Comments1 min read

By Claus Christensen, CEO at Know Your Customer

The advent of blockchain heralds the biggest change in banking for 400 years. Banks were originally established to lend and safely hold money and to act as a central point of authority with the banking ledger being the absolute record of truth held by an independent third party.  With blockchain, we now have a centralised distributed digital ledger.

This centralised distributed ledger – the backbone of blockchain – is the point of departure for currency, registering property, tokens and pretty much anything else where trust is needed between distributed buyers and sellers. There is no limit to of what can be traded through blockchain providing that everyone is comfortable with identities, which is where things start to get interesting.


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Claus Christensen

Claus Christensen is the CEO & Co-Founder of Know Your Customer. His vast array of previous experiences includes founding a technology company that develops email server infrastructure products for 60,000+ global customers and serving as VP Electronics at Thielert Aircraft Engines. A regular contributor to leading industry publications and a recognised expert in the anti-money laundering and financial regulation space, Claus is also the host of the RegTalks podcast and a senior lecturer of the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE)’s RegTech Course.