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Corporate KYC

To accelerate the Know Your Business (KYB) process, we employ a combination of Automation, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence to digitise the key manual steps any compliance officer would need to go through when onboarding a new corporate client.

Our platform provides live access to official registries, downloads official documents in real-time and sources shareholder and beneficial ownership information across jurisdictions. This innovative approach means that ownership and controlling person information is always accurate as of that minute, and audit-ready documentary evidence is always at compliance teams’ fingertips.

Digitising corporate onboarding across regulated industries

A market-leading institution in commercial banking, Hamburg Commercial Bank was looking to fully digitise the onboarding process of their corporate clients.

Empowering compliance teams

Shareholder and controlling person information – automatically sourced from official documents – is used to identify corporate entities’ Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) in a matter of seconds. Our system then unravels multiple layers of ownership and present the verified information in intuitive company structure charts for compliance officers to review.

We provide multiple options to quickly and securely collect information and documents from individual shareholders and directors, including the Know Your Customer mobile app and Web Browser portal. Rest APIs for fast integration and a more seamless customer experience are also available.

Real-time Official Registry Connection

By acquiring official incorporation documents directly from the company registry, our solution reduces the time needed for corporate client onboarding by up to 86%, minimising customer friction and accelerating access to revenue.

Instant UBO/Company Structure Charts

Our technology utilises information extracted from official filing documents to identify corporate entities’ Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) and build complex company structure charts in a matter of seconds.

On-going AML Screening

As our system identifies a new corporate entity or an individual as part of a KYB case, it automatically screens them for any AML activity, continuously monitoring their status and instantly flagging any changes in their situation.

Linkage & Duplicate Detection

By centralising all customer onboarding activities for both individual and corporate clients, Know Your Customer is able to automatically identify relevant links between existing cases and instantly detect potential duplicates to prevent unnecessary repetitions or data pollution.

API Integration & Batch Upload Portal

Our solution runs on an API-based infrastructure for fast implementation and seamless integration. We also provide an easy-to-use batch upload portal which empowers compliance teams to instantly and securely import long back logs into the Know Your Customer’s platform.

Immutable Audit Trail

Our Immutable Audit Trail contains all the details and steps of any KYB & KYC case, from inception to close. Actions and events are stored in a concise, immutable record which can be easily consulted by team members and retains documentary evidence for auditors.

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