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As part of our registry spotlight series, we offer valuable insights on the national registries that can be accessed through the Know Your Customer platform and single API.

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Luxembourg Business Registers (LBR)
The Registry

Discovering Luxembourg’s Company Registry: Uncovering Key Insights into the Business Landscape and KYC Compliance

Company registries are integral to promoting transparency and ensuring compliance within the financial sector. In Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Business Registers (LBR) serves as the local company registry, offering valuable information on registered companies. This article will provide an overview of the Luxembourg Company Registry, including access options, available company data, the number of registered companies, and the significance of company registries in business KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance.

Accessing the Registry

Understanding the Luxembourg Registry

The Luxembourg Business Registers (LBR) functions as a robust platform overseen by local authorities, ensuring convenient retrieval of precise and current details pertaining to registered companies in Luxembourg. Its principal objective is to streamline accessibility to vital company information for government bodies, enterprises, investors, and individuals alike.

Information Available

Insights from the Luxembourg Registry

The Luxembourg Business Registers (LBR) offers a diverse range of information and documents related to registered companies in the country. Users can access details on various entity types, including:

  • Association
  • Branch
  • Cooperative
  • European Public Limited-Liability Company
  • Foundation
  • General Partnership
  • Limited Partnership
  • Partnership Limited by Shares
  • Private Company Limited by Shares
  • Public Company Limited by Shares
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Unlimited Company

The registry provides access to important documents such as:

  • Registration Extract
  • Articles of Association
  • Registration Certificate
  • Annual Accounts

These documents provide valuable insights into the legal and financial aspects of registered companies, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions.

New Businesses Registered Yearly

Number of Registered Companies

The Luxembourg Business Registers currently house a total of 142,729 registered companies (source), indicative of the vibrant and diverse business landscape in Luxembourg.

In 2020, approximately 3,178 new companies were incorporated in the country (source). This consistent influx of new ventures highlights Luxembourg’s appeal as a destination for establishing and growing businesses.

Importance of Real-Time Registry Access

The Importance of Company Registries in Business KYC

The role of company registries in upholding business KYC compliance for financial institutions and regulated businesses worldwide is of paramount importance. These official registries serve as essential resources by furnishing trustworthy information that allows for the authentication of clients, suppliers, investors, and partners, thereby ensuring adherence to regulations and mitigating risks associated with unlawful activities.

Importance of Automation

Streamlining Compliance Processes Through Automation

In order to enhance the efficiency of compliance procedures, numerous organizations adopt automated solutions for business KYC. These innovative solutions such as with Know Your Customer, harness advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to effectively analyse extensive, real-time data from company registries. Automation not only saves time but also ensures precise and efficient data verification, enabling compliance teams to fulfil their regulatory obligations with efficacy.

The Luxembourg Business Registers stand as an invaluable resource for accessing company information within Luxembourg. Boasting a diverse range of registered companies and comprehensive data encompassing various entity types, business activities, and pertinent details, this registry plays a pivotal role in promoting transparency and supporting compliance endeavours. By embracing automated business KYC solutions, businesses can streamline their compliance processes, gain immediate access to reliable information from authoritative sources, and successfully meet regulatory requirements while mitigating risks.

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Last updated on May 2nd, 2024 at 07:26 am

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