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Centralise the five pillars of client onboarding
with one integrated suite of products


Document Collection

Our solution automatically retrieves the official incorporation documents that regulations demand, eliminating the need for certified copies, reducing onboarding times by up to 86%.

Data Extraction & Assessment

The KYC system extracts all the relevant information from official documents retrieved from the registries through OCR and AI. Individual customers’ IDs are screened and verified in real-time.

Case Management & Workflow

All KYC information and documents are securely stored in one centralised repository. The system seamlessly guides compliance teams from one step to the next of the onboarding process.

On-Going Monitoring

Know Your Customer runs weekly AML screening of all new and existing customers by default, flagging any changes in their risk profile to the compliance team for review.

Reporting & intelligence

Our platform helps organisations easily comply with internal, board and regulatory reporting demands, aggregating and showcasing key insights about AML and KYC activities.

KYB (Corporates)

Know Your Customer optimises the KYB (Know Your Business) process without taking control from compliance staff, accelerating the onboarding of new business clients from an industry average of 26 days to just a few hours.

Our technology utilises a combination of optical character recognition, artificial intelligence, API integrations and automation to unravel complex company structure charts and identify Ultimate Beneficial Owners across multiple jurisdictions.

  • Real-Time Connections to Company Registries
  • Instant UBOs & Company Structures
  • On-Going AML Screening
  • Periodic Remediation
  • Linkage & Duplicate Detection
  • API Integration & Batch Upload Portal
  • Immutable Audit Trail

KYC (Individuals)

Know Your Customer delivers the onboarding experience customers deserve while ensuring on-going KYC and AML compliance.

Through our vast range of customer-facing tools, compliance teams can securely collect and verify ID documents from 180+ countries around the world. AML screening is automatically performed at the point of entry as well as on a weekly basis, instantly flagging any changes in risk profiles.

  • Military Grade ID Verification
  • Geo-Locationing & Proof of Address
  • Facial Recognition & Facial Comparison
  • On-Going AML Screening
  • Mobile App, Web-Portal & API’s
  • e-Signatures

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