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What is the so-called banknote paradox? What is driving the transformation of traditional banks into platforms? How close are we to the introduction of a Digital Euro? These are just some of the fascinating questions we discussed with Alessia Benevelli, Payments, Data and Innovation Adviser at the World Savings & Retail Banking Institute and the European Savings & Retail Banking Group (WSBI-ESBG).

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Episode Notes

In this episode of RegTalks, Know Your Customer’s CEO Claus Christensen sits down with WSBI-ESBG’s Alessia Benevelli to discuss:

  • Why real human interactions still matter in banking
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the digitalisation of payments in Europe and around the world
  • The fundamental role of financial education and digital technology literacy in today’s financial system
  • The European Savings and Retail Banking Group’s historic links to the birth of the European Union

Alessia Benevelli is an Adviser on Payments, Data and Innovation at the World Savings & Retail Banking Institute and the European Savings & Retail Banking Group (WSBI-ESBG) in Brussels. After serving as judicial clerk at the National Court of Appeal of Milan and practicing corporate law, she obtained an LL.M., and in 2019, she joined the Banking Markets, Innovation and Consumers Department at the European Banking Authority, working in the area of payments and consumer protection.

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